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US Under Military Law, Congress Arrested, War With CCP Won and No One Knows It . . .

Judy Byington

Friday, January 29, 2021.

Joe Biden was sworn in as president of a bankrupt and defunct US Inc. Corporation. Just prior to his pre-recorded-in-Hollywood-by-Castle Rock Entertainment Inauguration, Washington DC, Capitol Hill and the White House were secured within miles of barbed wire fences and 60,000 National Guard troops.

Now over a week later, over 30,000 troops and the barbed wire fencing remained. Why?

An answer came early Mon. morning 25 Jan. when from 3am to 6am arrests of 80 to 140 Congress people appeared to be underway at Capitol Hill – after which Congress seemed to have disappeared. Why?

In reality an Interim Military US Government had taken over Washington DC and was running our country. The two US governments: (1) a legitimate Interim Military US Government empowered by the Constitution and the Department of Defense under Military Code 11.3, and (2) an illegal, fraudulent foreign paid-for, foreign controlled (on the foreign ground of the District of Columbia) Biden Administration.

The US Military appeared to be in charge of Biden and making him sign blank Executive Orders on a stage set of the Oval Office. The White House was said to be empty. Why

The whole operation began way last Jan. 2020 during a government shutdown. President Trump was said to have reorganized several agencies including the US Treasury, IRS and Federal Reserve. Now the US Military had control of all assets including taxpayer dollars at the new US Treasury near Reno. Why?

The Military had been tasked with conducting a return to a gold/asset-backed dollar and to insure that the US Republic was restored to original laws of the Constitution as written prior to 1871.

This was all made possible after a Sat. 9 Jan 2021 raid by US Military Special Op Teams on CIA Headquarters in Langley Virginia. The raid produced firm evidence that the CIA, Democrats and other traitors had conspired with foreign entities led by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), to interfere in the 2020 Election.

Earlier that Saturday morning 9 Jan. there had been two attempts on Trump and his wife Melania’s lives (there were said to have been twelve plus such attempts since he gained office).

Trump had had enough. He immediately instigated the Insurrection Act (put into law by George Bush Jr. after 9/11), and then turned his authority over to the US Military.

With the nation now under Martial Law, Trump would remain as US President until all those who committed treason were arrested, including those who certified the illegal 2020 Election.

Some in the Pentagon had been preparing for this for over twenty years. US Attorney General for Utah John Huber and his 740 investigators had been very busy since 2016. The US government was corrupt throughout including Congress and the three letter agencies. There were a lot of traitors whose cases had already been processed through State Grand Juries. There was an estimated 80 to 140 Congress people thought named in over 223,000 sealed indictments filed in federal courts since Trump took office.

Of those, 85% to 95% indicted were Democrats, intermixed with a few Rino Republicans. The majority of charges were said to be pedophilia, child exploitation, misappropriation of US Taxpayer funds and conspiring with foreign powers to influence the 2020 Presidential Election – an act of Treason. Some serious charges couldn’t be brought because Obama pardoned so many in his last days in office.

By Jan. 2 2020 Military Tribunals were said to have already began at GITMO for high profile elites such as the Clintons, Obamas and Bushes. Charges against them were believed to include Capital High Treason, Election Fraud, Child Sex Trafficking, Money Laundering, Misappropriation of US Taxpayer Funds, plus Uranium One, 9/11 and Benghazi crimes.

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Copy and paste this info all over YT. Lets red pill the masses!
The Q operation was started by JFK because the deep state/CIA was actually running the country. He was assassinated for trying to expose them but the operation continued. Trump was recruited by the military generals to run for President against Killary to save America. Trump is the second coming of JFK to finish the job and drain the swamp.
Q is a group of US military generals including General Mike Flynn and Admiral Rogers. The Q operation is a White House information dissemination operation to bypass the CIA controlled liberal fake news media, and red pill the masses to create a grassroots movement. You might have heard of “Q Anon”. Trump and the US military generals run this Q Truth psyop starting in October 2017.
Q drops are posts are on There are many youtuber channels that decode Q drops like X22 Report and Praying Medic.
There are over 180 000 sealed indictments since Trump became President, and 12 000+ CEOs who stepped down from corporations. Trump is the first President in world history to pass multiple executive orders on eradicating human trafficking, and freezing and seizing their assets. He is also the first President to work for free and donate his quarterly salaries to the people.
Please watch these links for hope, positivity, and reassurance that Trump and the Patriots are in control – not just of America – but the entire world with a white hat alliance to drain the worldwide satanic cult of child sex traffickers, child sacrificers, and blood (Adrenochrome) drinkers.
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If you complete this list of videos for homework – you will be completely red pilled. Trump 2Q2Q! WWG1WGA!
Trump will finish what JFK started!
And is the modern day Christ Figure (figuratively speaking) for taking all the hits for humanity (hatred, negativity, lies, slings and arrows, character assassination, real assassination attempts, Russian collusion investigation hoax, Ukraine impeachment hoax, taking all the blame for everything) to save all the children from human trafficking and rid the Earth of these parasitic illuminati satanists.

Truth 277



“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.” – Thomas Jefferson

The United States has been subjected to “Open Warfare” against the American People, Our Country and OUR Constitution since the Communist Democrats openly perpetrated obama’s Coup d’ etat, that misappropriated and seized Our Government!!! Failure of the more subtle approach undertaken by Czar obama and his Marxist comrades to Bankrupt Our Country into submission; Aid the Enemies of the United States by providing them with funding and military support used to kill Americans; conspiring with Our enemies by selling America’s Strategic Uranium for nuclear weapons aimed at the United States to terrorize and threaten us; and fanning the flames of divisiveness by encouraging and agitating racism, hatred and insurrection, didn’t quite accomplish the Communist Democrat’s goals for the Total Destruction of OUR nation or the “Fundamental Change” necessary to institute their envisioned Communist state!!!

As a consequence of America’s unexpected capability to endure the Communist Democrats attacks upon OUR nation and as a result of Our Constitutional Republic’s determination to survive, a Declaration of Open Warfare was sponsored by Treasonous Democrat politicians, unscrupulous foreign and domestic elitists (Soros) and scheming globalists to overthrow OUR Government and Enslave the American People!!! Open Warfare ensued to Destroy OUR History, Our Traditions, Our Morals, Our Values, Our Culture, Our Republic, Our Constitution and OUR FREEDOM!!! It has been almost 12 years that OUR Country has been under siege and under open attack by Anti-American Domestic terrorists and treasonous Communist Democrat politicians and provocateurs!!! WE THE PEOPLE BETTER WAKE UP AND DEFEND OURSELVES AND OUR COUNTRY BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!

Since the inception of OUR Country and the adoption of OUR Constitution, both have been under constant attack by first the Federalists and now their political progeny, today’s Communist Democrat Party. The chipping away and erosion of Our Constitution from Our Founders vision and adopted directives has continued since the very first moment James Madison last lifted his quill pen from the parchment paper embodying Our Constitution. OUR Constitution had recognized the Sovereignty of the American People as the rulers of their own destiny, as well as the commanders and leaders of THEIR government and elected officials!!!

The ideals of Our Founders “Great American Experiment” had supplanted and rejected Rule by Emperors, Kings, Dictators and Despots. Our Constitution was like no other that EVER existed before. The American People and not elitist rulers were now incharge of their own destiny!!! For eons Power and Control over the people of the world was well established…OUR Founders turned that established Rule on its head!!! Globalist Despot Anti-Americans, Treasonous politicians, Marxist Educator-Indoctrinators and Domestic terrorists have now conspired to “Fundamentally Change” OUR Founders Ideals and Reclaim their authority over OUR FREEDOM and reestablish their historical dominion over all mankind!!!

For more than 100 years, transnational interests have attempted to overthrow OUR Country in an effort to acquire Our economic treasures and secure political control over Our government. Starting in 1913 in the United States, the strategy of a Covert Creeping Socialist-Communist Movement, sometimes called the Progressive Movement, has been underway to “Fundamentally Change” OUR Founders ideals. The Globalist Progressive Woodrow Wilson (D) administration was the first American President to openly strategize a plan towards a more Socialist America. Since that time, Our Country and Constitution has been under constant attack!!! From his early years as a professor of political science at Princeton, President-to-be Woodrow Wilson (D) dismissed the American Founders’ dedication to Natural Rights and Limited Government, and instead adopted a plan to eradicate American sentimentalism toward Our Founding principles and Our historical roots. Woodrow Wilson (D) became the first U.S. President to advocate the means to “Fundamentally Change” OUR government!!!

Foreign powers, Globalist Elites and Communist Democrat enablers have continuously tried to undermine American Freedoms and profiteer from selling the wealth and resources of Our nation. The Bush/Clinton/obama crime families had almost accomplished the final stages of this plan, which would have obliterated American Freedom and would have consolidated power in both the White House and Our Intelligence Agencies. Except for the unexpected Election of President Trump, the Communist Democrats would have succeeded!!! President Trump’s election put a monkey wrench into the further transfer of wealth and resources to both foreign powers and Our Nation’s enemies by the Communist Democrat leadership and their foreign cohorts!!! If the Traitor and profiteer Hillary had won the election, a Communist Democrat Economic and Political Monarchy would have become rooted in Our government and U.S. resources would have been sold to the highest bidder. OUR Constitution would have been thrown into the bonfire of Autocratic Rule and Our Freedoms consumed by the flames of tyranny!!!
WE NOW FIND OURSELVES in the midst of an all-out TET Offensive and uprising right here in America to enact that “Fundamental Change.” Led and funded by George Soros and his Anti-American Globalist enemies of Our Country and Domestic Communist Democrat Traitors, WE now find Ourselves and OUR Constitutional Republic fighting for Our existence.

OUR Country is currently experiencing Historical Parallels of Fascist and Communist Revolutions that have collapsed many other nations, governments and regimes. Upon comparing the Communist Democrat Revolution taking place today in America to both the Nazi takeover of Germany and the Bolshevik Revolution that instituted Communism and the loss of all Freedom in Russia, the similarities become both alarming and extremely disturbing!!!
STAGE ONE: Destroy the Economy

George Soros is at the epicenter of America’s current Sedition and Revolution by the Communist Anti-American Democrats and their Sheeple Useful Idiot indoctrinated followers!!! What America is experiencing today is typical George Soros. His fingerprints and funding is all over America’s current insurrections and destruction!!! Soros has a history of previously implementing a similar strategy of regime change and government takeovers in dozens of other countries, including the Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, India, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Yugoslavia, Serbia, Georgia and he orchestrated the election of Marxist-in-Chief obama, to name a few!!! Moreover, George Soros, barack obama and Hillary Clinton likewise have their fingerprints all over the orchestrated coup in the Vatican to overthrow the conservative Pope Benedict and replace him with the radical Marxist Pope Francis (according to Catholic leaders and their extensive evidence)!!!

In order to get the masses to blindly follow his empty promises of utopia, Soros and his Anti-American cohorts must first get their indoctrinated sheeple students and the poor to buy into getting something for nothing…reparations; free college; redistribution of wealth; take more money from those big bad greedy corporations and rich people who don’t deserve it; and dehumanizing your enemy to foster hatred by calling political opposition names, identifying them as racists, bigots, xenophobes, and cultural and economic narcissists!!! Only in this way can enough “Useful Idiots,” as Vladimir Lenin and Stalin had called them, be harvested in enough numbers to effect regime change and the collapse of a government.

In the mind of Communist Revolutionaries, “out of chaos comes order,” therefore chaos must be nurtured!!! An economic collapse event almost always predates regime change and government overthrows. Soros is an expert in such strategies and WE are painfully experiencing the consequences and planned hardships of his demented and evil aspirations!!! For a Revolution to succeed, the population must be rendered helpless and dependent upon the government or some other entity to provide for their essentials of life, safety and welfare. With dependency comes opportunity.

Covid-19 opened the door to help destroy Our economy. I wouldn’t disclaim the possibility that Soros coordinated Covid’s potential to destroy and weaken the United States with China’s intentional spread of the virus throughout the world. Like snakes in the grass, Soros and his Communist Anti-American cohorts and unsuspecting Useful Idiot sheeple, waited for the perfect storm, before they would cause and release chaos upon Our Country to effectuate “Fundamental Change”!!! The death of Gearge Floyde was the perfect excuse to be used as the catalyst to ignite that insurrection to overthrow Our Civilization and Government authority. With the death of Mr. Floyed, the groundwork for lawlessness was born and built upon the Covid-19 Crisis, amplifying greater destruction, chaos and desperation in Our country!!!

WE have already experienced some food and grocery scarcities…but WE have been given only a taste of what is to come!!! All across the country, we are beginning to see the effects of food inflation, supply purchase limitations and outright shortages. Processing plants have been closed, as well as distribution centers. We are being programmed not to even look at the inflated cost of some items such as toilet paper, we just buy it whether it’s on sale or not!!! Covid-19 has provided the opportunity to Destroy Our Economy… in the words of Communist Saul Alinsky and obama’s adviser Rahm Emanuel, “Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste”… and the Communist Democrat Traitors in Our country have not lost a step!!!

The continued “Overkilled” Use of Lockdowns are both planned and designed to sabotage Our economy, leaving much of Our peacetime industry in ruin and unable to transition into wartime production if necessary. This has left OUR Country more vulnerable than ever before to both foreign military saber rattling and foreign aggressions. In light of these developments, economic instability continues to be fostered and advocated by Communist Democrats. Czar obama doubled Our U.S. Debt by $10 Trillion with nothing to show for it; Unemployment and Welfare soared under obama (((briefly reversed by record employment under President Trump))), only to be sabotaged by the Communist Democrats at every turn; the perpetuation of open aggression by Communist Democrats against American businesses to reopen and for workers to resume employment due to the Covid-19 crisis (((But allowing Marxist Demonstrations to destroy authority and American Culture is allowed))); the Federal Reserve’s Quantitative Easing (Printing Money that debases the dollar, that will eventually causes inflation) to pay for things that Our country cannot afford; Five million mortgage payments that will not be paid this month, destabilizing our banks; and the Federal Reserve’s continuous infusion of cash into the Stock Market before it crashes, are all destabilizing Our Country like never before.

<<>> Covid-19 is being used as an excuse to destroy Our Economy… a restructuring of the world economies and monetary systems may likewise be at the center of this man-made crisis, since every nation in the world is beyond bankrupt. An intentional terror campaign is being waged, designed to alter governments and economies; steal liberty and wealth; and act as a masterful psyop plan, implemented by the subversive Ministry of Propaganda Main Scheme Media (MSM) and their cohort Treasonous government officials!!! WE are being attacked by a hybrid form of communism. The closing down of OUR Economy and the ensuing arbitrary Lockdowns that followed, constitute the Communist Democrats “Big” Bourgeois Revolution in hope that it will finalize and install their Kerensky-Konovalov type Bourgeois Dictatorship!!! Thereafter all that is needed for the Communist Democrats to remain in power to pillage Our National Treasure, is for them to control and impede the American People from uniting as a cohesive whole. Dividing the people is key and controlling who counts the votes is all that matters!!!

As Our Economy is being Destroyed, the Next Stage of Revolution is to introduce further chaos, to expedite the impact of hardship, desperation and pain upon the populous. Soros and the Communist Democrats achieved this 2’nd Stage of Revolution by playing their old friend, the race card!!! By projecting their own historical and real racist beliefs upon their political opposition, the race card is always in their reserve as a sound strategy for the left!!! Domestic terrorists organized by Soros, who were lying in wait for their marching orders, were finally given their commands. Soros and his Communist Democrat political cohort Traitors, used the tragic and criminal death of George Floyd for their cover!!! George Floyd’s tragic death provided the excuse to roll out domestic terrorists under the control of George Soros and his allies in the Communist Democrat Party. This event in America is reminiscent of what Soros did in the Arab Spring of 2011, in which Soros toppled one government after another following this exact plan.

A Divide and Conquer strategy is being implemented to divide Americans by creating and depicting America as a “Racist Nation.” Although some racism exists in Our country, as it does in any country, many decades have passed since true racism existed. Today, racism generally isn’t even a consideration during our daily lives and experiences in America. Yet, low fruit is the easiest to pick and racism has provided Communist Democrats the political power and opportunity to exploit minorities to remain in power over decades of abuse and misinformation. Communist Democratic governors and mayors have prevented the police from doing their job, villainizing police as the enemy of the people!!! Ordered not to arrest looters, criminals, agitators, enablers and arsonists has allowed chaos to spread by design!!! Essentially Martial Law was imposed against law abiding citizens, businesses and people that want to earn a living, while criminals, anarchists, Marxists and Communist Democrat looters are allowed to run free and proliferate chaos and destruction throughout OUR Country!!!

Death Squads have been a part of every Revolution. Mao, Stalin and Hitler are prime examples!!! Death squads and the threat of them further paralyzes the economy and law abiding citizens. Lawlessness is being promoted by Communist Democrats; Police and civil authority dismantled; Criminals released into the population to rage havoc, crime, chaos and anarchy; and Communist Democrats advocate open borders to allow not only working immigrants into OUR Country illegally, but also gang members, terrorists and criminals to prey upon Americans!!!
This 3’rd stage of Revolution is simultaneously being conducted right now, with the exception of actual death squads, although ANTIFA has beaten conservatives within an inch of their death!!! Likewise, the WOKE and Cancel Culture movements are weapons used in Soros’ Plan by his cohort American Traitors and Criminals. They destroy their opposition economically and silence them culturally, not with Death Squads “YET,” but rather ostensibly by the use of gangs a rioters making threats to silence their conservative foes and bridle any counter response.

There are an estimated 1.3 million Terrorists in America!!! These sleeper cell Terrorists await their activation to up the ante. In Pre-Nazi Germany, that meant burning down the Reichstag. In America, all targets that will create fear and desperation are on the table.
According to my Border Patrol sources, MS-13 was let into this country in 2014-15 during the height of the last immigration crisis. MS-13, in Central America, plays the exclusive role of assassins for public figures who do not bend to the will of the cartels. They were allowed and brought here by the Communist Democrats for the same reason. We will soon see political assassinations on media figures, corporate executives and key opposition politicians. At this point, living in America will be a lot like living through the hell of the Bosnian Civil War and Venezuela’s uprisings.

It should alarm EVERY American that the Communist Democrats, either due to total stupidity or through Acts of Treason, have allowed even more Terrorists into Our Country through their mindless lax immigration policies. Terrorists were allowed to invade OUR country with the aid of the Traitor-in-Chief obama and his Communist Democrat comrades. Hamas, ISIS and all the other terrorist groups were jointly trained at paramilitary base camps in El Salvador and Honduras, in paramilitary and terrorist tactics prior to coming to the United States. Once WE start to experience IED’s on federal buildings, National Monuments and Business Centers, in the same spirit of the Oklahoma City bombings, WE will know that all guns are out against US!!! Mass executions through terrorist acts will take place to frighten and subdue the American People into submission. Malls, schools, sporting events and concerts will be targeted!!! America will kilter upon collapse, both socially and economically!!! Americans will panic and beg for peace…willing to give up more Freedoms to the government and Treasonous politicians to achieve it!!!

Order would have to be restored and the Communist Democrats would Welcome UN Forces!!! The UN would be given justification to enter U.S. soil with foreign troops under obama’s Kigali Principles, signed by him during his last days in office in December 2016. The U.N. is already posturing to us as the foundation of their intervention, warnings that killing unarmed black Americans won’t be tolerated!!! True Civil War will break out, Patriotic Americans vs. those who side with foreign U.N. forces!!!

Most likely Civil War wouldn’t accomplish the overthrow of Our Government or of the Patriotic armed American People and U.N. forces will most likely be repelled, however the United States would be a shell of its prior self.

Our Foreign enemies may take this time as a period of weakness to attack the United States. The last 3 Chinese Defense Ministers, the last being Wei Fenghe, have stated and demonstrated China’s openness to such a scenario!!! Americans would be rounded up and exterminated.

CHINA and their Latin American allies will enact genocide on the American people. As Wei Fenghe has stated, “we are not interested in joint occupancy of the United States. We need the Americans resources and we will not share with any Americans.”
WE will be fighting for Our Lives in guerilla warfare!!!

WE must be willing to Fight for OUR Freedom, OUR Constitution, OUR Constitutional Republic and for Future Generations of Americans!!! Do WE still possess the Courage of OUR Founding Forefathers and every generation of Americans that came before us??? Will WE remain apathetic and submissive as the chains and shackles of tyranny are positioned upon Our wrists???