March 26, 2018.


Time to separate the sheep from the goats!

We must stay loyal to President Trump no matter what.

If he were to tweet out for help, he would have millions of Patriots by his side, and the streets of DC would flow with blood.

Do not think that our enemies do not know that.

Hi Gary,

We will be glad when we have a stable currency.

We are owed reparations because we have been ripped off of our wealth for decades.

We love ya, Roy.

I was wondering, too, Roy, about who is running this country.

Alot of us are running out of patience because these bad actors are not locked up.

It just goes on and on.

However, according to the Executive Order, we are under a national state of emergency (i.e., martial law).

Although it does not look like we have any troops running around, maybe they are watching things.

If we are under martial law, then the civilian DOJ that is corrupt anyway, cannot arrest and try these corrupt people.

What exactly do you mean that Q is a fake?

How do you prove it?

Just asking.

You guys brag too much and act like a couple of old married farts.

You are really unprofessional in your banter.

You should do separate shows.

It’s frustrating to watch.

Millions of people follow Q.

You guys don’t know anything about anything. has it all.

You guys are morons.


You know who I believe?

RFB is who I believe.

He actually proves his statements.

He is no pseudo-intellectual.

No one believes NASA anymore.

The moon and Mars landings are hoaxes.

They are just stealing our tax dollars.

They are still chemtrailing us.

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