Truth 269

SovereignMan Bryan Trent Turner

#LETFREEDOMRING!!! “#We+ The Sovereign [PEOPLE] (R) The New Guard+” #AmericaFirst (1st and sometimes only) + #kek brothers/sisters + You have more than you realize/know Q as long as you slumber We+ shall fight for you/ready to wipe the “sleep” from your eyes/this is/was not just another [4] year election + TRUST OUR President! Stage: set-1; Act 1, scene(s)1-10 (scene 10)+ Enjoy the Show! + [Kanye: All Assets Deployed? Do you think [Cabal] are the only “Hats” with ‘assets’?] + Why attacks on Hydroxychloroquine? + Precisely, Swecker: you just described the COP’S/terrorists & you advocate for violence by the Gestapo & then protect them as [COP’S] use violence: We+ can do this ALL day. Before you call anyone else “terrorists” look/categorize the COP’S 1st: difficult truths; keep describing the COP’S Chris + Sullivan is obviously [evil Cabal], Deep State, do you see it? If you catch the [CV = 322 Corona Virus/FLU]: treat it like the FLU it IS? Do not trust: Fauci is [evil Cabal] Define: [PEPFAR] + Define: [ALL ASSETS DEPLOYED!] + Vatican, Royals, Gold, Oprah, Ellen, Kanye: SULLIVAN SCREWS FLYNN: FAUCI IS A JOKE/SO IS KANYE WEST: + That’s all We+ need; another ‘FDR’ like “Banking Holiday”; [Biden] is MAD/probably upset as well?: that’s exactly how We+ the People and America the Bright and Beautiful became [corporations/Fictional Entities] in the 1st place. + Brilliant: Press Secretary: + Something Is Happening To Our Moon: + SCOTUS Rules (Creek)] MUST remain [Reservation for (1of2)] Purposes of Federal Law: + [Reservation 4 (2of2)]: used to Build [DS]: Crown, Rothschilds & Wall Street: + [DS] Feeling Pain: + Conspiracy: + The Control of Science since WW2: +Spade and Neutered: IPOT; 7/11/20: + #Dark theme: On #ANDTHEBOOKSWEREOPENED “Sealed” indictments+ only give/offer [Them]+ Opening The “Seals” [BIBLICAL] + OPS:[[(((RUSSIAGATE)))] (#OBAMAGATE) + (FISAGATE) + (#SPYGATE) + (PANIC IN dc/WW) + #TARMAC + [((((GUARDIANS OF THE PEDOPHILES))))] + (#LadyJUSTICE) + (BidenGate) + (SEVERE PAIN) + (#HuntersBecomeTheHUNTED[PREY]) + (Restore Heaven On Earth) + (#SafeSummer) + Speed + (Best Love In All Creation) + Iron Eagle + (#AgathaSeven) + (Silent Running) + (#Mockingbird) + DEFENDER EUROPE 20 + #Integrity + March Madness + #SnowWhite + (COIN) + (The Great Awakening) + (#Godfatherlll) + CoVid-322/(CoVid Crackdown) + #Signal + (Disclosure) + (#RestoredRepublic) + Chariot + #Montage + (Open America) + Serge + (#StopIndoctrinatingAmericasChildren!) + Legend + (#2020VisionIsHindsiteFromTheBeginning) + (Warp-Speed) + (#SaveTheBadgeRestoreItsHonor) + (Let My People Go)] + [SCARE] “event” Necessary Q enjoy the show+ #WWG1WGA!!! We+ (R) Fighting+ for You+ #WeAreTheTrueMastersOfTheCourtsAndCongress+ ?OPTICS? + 1929 (can you solve?) #DEEPERWEGOTHEMOREUNREALISTICITALLBECOMES+.Q Slaves No More Q reTurn re: you (R) making HISTORY+ today make it count & ThankQ + you (R) loved as much as life+ itself + project: MIND+ reTurn+ Through the looking glass+ Sensei The Healing+ Master+ We+ (R) Proud+ Of You+ Sir+ #YouHuntWithLIONS + [Always do your own research!] (Face Mask Exemption Cards) 7.7+ #CONSPIRACY NO MORE (ALICE+ = emails = Weiner/Abedin + bye @Corney+ = start = FISA = set-1 = mission “GOOD”)+ Q + POTUS Tweets) DECLAS+ brings down the “House ([HUSSEINS WH] & [D] House of [rep] & [Senate D’s]) ” [[[+FISA+]]] goes both ways, you idiots shut FISC down [#AION – Jordan Peterson’s Nightmare – Max Derrat] + The Gold Standard Returned: coded: + Honor/WARRIOR = Sovereignty never breaks, EVER!!! We Are United [DS] Hands Are bloody, souls are clean & conscience is clear!!! No Deals: NO EXCEPTIONS + JFK Jr 2024 + The Lone Warrior [Q] + + + Why should We+ wear masks, doesn’t your mask work? + Kim Carnes: More Love 1980: + JFK Jr Darkest Hour Right Before Light: + [N]o [S]uch [A]gency Weaponized Autists?!!? #Qanon #PATRIOTSFIGHT!!! May The FORCE Be With You, Always + SerialBrain2: Love Is Patient [Feat. IntheMatrixxx]: + #SerialBrain2 #SerialBrain Weaponized#Autist?!!? #SerialAspieBrainQ717689175 = 51 perfect age to be a man + Qs’ Kung Fu is strong + #THEGREATAMERICANCOMEBACK + Define: [Synchronicity] + Trust and believe in yourself. Q & Q+ [ ] Re: Hale v Henkel (1906)+ Bright and Beautiful Lady+: Baby blue and Pearl Earrings definitely bring out your eyes: Babe many, many more Presidential+ “Slam-Dunks” in route: you/We+ (R) watching a [scripted] Movie that We+ (R) directing. Enjoy the Show, clever girl(s)! + People shouldn’t fear their gov’t, gov’t should fear it’s People: COP’S (R) the ‘other’ arm (combined w/FAKE NEWS) of gov’t? “V” To: Congressional Member’s one and all: On the 16th of June We+, the People gave you twenty working days to renounce/denounce your title of nobility and to that evil, child murdering, blood drinking witch/bitch Queen: because each and every one of you has sworn an oath to a foreign power/ruler, you have a choice to make. It is under the actual 13th AMENDMENT that you are guilty of removing and bringing all AMENDMENTS forward one place. You know better; [PROPER ARTICLE XIII.]: Read very, very carefully; If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honor, or shall, without the consent of Congress, {a foreign, invading power cannot grant you consent and you know it, next. You are knowingly Traitor’s who have individually and collectively committed Treason against your country and your countrymen. The penalty for Treason is still to hang by the neck until dead. We+ look forward to your response before or on the twentieth working day. No man can serve two master’s; America or the Queen of England?} accept or retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease being a citizen (a state citizen/sovereign that no legislation or legislature may remove, and not a federal “SLAVE” or “corporate fiction”.) of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them or either of them. Choose this day? Full disclosure, We+ the People of America (R) pissed off + You seem to forget: without our [known] consent, you may not & cannot Govern We+ the People! Be careful about simply sending children back to school; what (R) they learning in school: #StopIndoctrinatingAmericasChildren (that simply means teach our children “How” to think and not “What” to think)! + You have made yourselves America’s (Foreign & Domestic) [enemies]. Re: It is/was you who declared WAR on We+ the People of America: you even put it in writing! Q4530 We Will Not Fail Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 26 Jun 2020 – 8:15:35 PM📁 Rising to the occasion. Understanding what’s at stake. God bless each and every one of you. We will not fail. WWG1WGA!!! Q4464 The ‘How’ Will Be Hard to Understand for Most Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 13 Jun 2020 – 4:15:27 PM The ‘how’ will be hard to understand for most. Focus on the ‘why’. The ‘when’ is now. Q4459 Money Hole: Donations -> Black Lives Matter (BLM) -> ActBlue (SuperPAC) -> Democratic Party Coffers Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 11 Jun 2020 – 2:38:04 PM📁 The hole runs deep. Q [Yes, BK+ Awaken; We+ the People: gently as possible + Largest M__ + intel drop(s) ever shared with population in the History+ of the world (not only here at Home). Think: **BIG PICTURE** even Bigger/Deeper?] + TRUST OUR President!!!

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