Truth 270

DJT has gone dark on Twitter except for retweets. Q is dark. DJT is making public announcements about gangs, assassins, and terrorists, and infrastructure plans. Operators are active. We are cleaning up and taking out the trash.
Lots HABBENING. MSM is not reporting.
You are watching a scripted movie. Much of what you are seeing is prerecorded and dripped out. The bottom of the rabbit hole is done. Public education project is being revealed according to the truth being exposed. New photo released of Obama and Fauci in Wuyan in 2015. China is flooded massively. Underground DUMBs taken out. Lots of misinfo out there and distractions. War of battle of Good verses Evil being revealed. World being freed.

Massive revival of God and the original REPUBLIC in process. Digital soldiers of cilivian-military intelligence Alliance in full operation. Big announcement next week coming. We have already won. Waking up the masses. Huge landslide in November.
God wins.

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