Truth 271

Field is violating court orders and went DIGITAL. Trolls are attacking youtube on McAllister TV (Linda Paris) against Field:

Field’s new video:

This will probably be deleted.

We are under attack now . . . information warfare.

China is destroying evidence of covid-19 in Wuhan with flooding.

If a flood damn breaks, it will kill 40 million innocent Chinese. 21 million Chinese have already probably been killed because 21 Chinese cell phone numbers have been deleted and the Chinese must check in every day for social survaillance laws for their social scores to travel. etc.

US has terminated WHO involvement. So, WHO getting no more 4-5 billion or million US taxpayer dollars.

More truth is dripping out about the Russian hoax. Stone was commuted EO. Flynn is exonerated and Judge Sullivan is appealing the whole panel of Judges of the Apellant Court although 2 of 3 Appeal Court judges have ordered Judge Sullivan to dismiss the Flynn case.

Flynn had publicly deputized with the oath for the digital soldiers #WWG1WGA. The new civilian-military alliance with the white hats and PATRIOTS.

Lindsey has declassified docs from FBI AG Bar clearing Mr. Page, an Intel Asset concerning Russiagate and pointing to Andrew McCabe.

Peter Stroak, both CIA and FBI counter-intelligence agent, has docs declassified that limits his possible corruption.

Comey is probably innocent and set them all up, even Biden and Obama and Lynch, especially the Clintons, etc. Rosenstien, Mueller, and maybe a few orders are maybe innocent.

Rumor has it we are watching a scripted movie pre-corded and even executions were carried out at GITMO early on: Tony Pedesta, and even Tom Hanks and Madonna for HRC, i.e., Human Ritual Cannibalism, pedophilia, human trafficking etc.

People here are wearing masks in the covid hoax.

The Event involves the revival in Washington, DC. THE NATION MUST REPENT OR BE DESTROYED REGARDLESS OF PRESIDENT Trump’s for certain re-election. Tick-tock. Panic in D.C.

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