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MIRROR Dr Carrie Madej,M D Shares Her Expertise Urgent Appeal Regarding CV19 Upcoming Vaccines

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According to all the dummies out there, if everyone just wore a mask the the virus would stop. Then why would anyone need a vaccine!!??? This whole thing stinks!! Agenda 21, 2030, 2050, Green new deal, Sustainable DevelopmentREAD MORE1 week ago574SHOW MORE REPLIESTerry Moore

Its not a vaccine it is a software program, not medicine… Malware !1 week ago331SHOW MORE REPLIESErika W

This is good vs. evil. If I lose everything because I will not vaccinate myself, God will protect me. May God bless you all!1 week ago8116SHOW MORE REPLIESBobo1111 444

I shared this on Facebook 2days ago. And this morning i woke to find that i was spreading misinformation. Which is not true its this video right here. They dont want the TRUTH spoke of.1 week ago (edited)10915SHOW MORE REPLIESMary Ann Knox

Fake Pandemic Fake Virus 🦠 I am a Registered Nurse Lies all lies it is all about 5G and the Deep State1 week ago36996SHOW MORE REPLIESShalom Girl

I dreamed decades ago medicines were changing my DNA and God didn’t like it cuz HE made me in HIS OWN IMAGE and HE loved me 🌻1 week ago382SHOW MORE REPLIESMary Ann Knox

I am a Free Sovereign Being I do not Consent nor do I trust mainstream medical lies1 week ago946SHOW MORE REPLIESJulie Andrew

“Everyone who is vaccinated is vaccine injured-whether it shows right away or later on in life” Dr Shiva Chopra BVS AH MSc PhD Fellow of the World Health Organisation, former senior scientist at Health Canada1 week ago13915SHOW MORE REPLIESneil branded man

vaccines are biologic weapons …..your immune system is your best line of defence against this evil..1 week ago412SHOW MORE REPLIESStacey Lanter

I saw this on Instagram. However didn’t see as much of this emotional side. God bless us doctor her heart is certainly in the right place trying to forewarn people. ♥️1 week ago724SHOW MORE REPLIESErin Hale

I’ve recently discovered this doctor! She’s very good at explaining and conveying the reality1 week ago36bill nalder

Covie went from the flu, to a virus and now its a disease- before long it will cause cancer and earthquakes and if its not soon curtailed, will probably stop the sun from shining!1 week ago (edited)508SHOW MORE REPLIESJulie Andrew

“Cancer was practically unknown until the cowpox vaccination began to be introduced . I have seen 200 cases of cancer, and never saw a case in an unvaccinated person” Dr Clark, MD Indiana, New York Times Article 19091 week ago47Michael Nilsson

Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) is the medical term for the 2019-2020 seasonal cold/flu. This is the same old scare propaganda as the 2009 swine flu which was also a “pandemic”. We are dealing with a psychological operation (Psyop) that is supposed to lead to a global mandatory vaccination. This is a very urgent matter for the UN and it`s a realy good business for the medical industry when people get sick from the vaccines.Vaccines do not immunize – they sensitize (sensitization means developing sensitivity to). In medicine, the process means that the body develops a sensitivity to something by forming antibodies, which can lead to allergies. You are never vaccinated against a disease – you are always injected with a disease. The UN, WHO, governments in all countries, mass media and the medical industry are use your ignorance of the nature of the virus to keep you scared so you can be controlled. It has never been about a virus. It’s about take away our freedom.READ MORE1 week ago12615SHOW MORE REPLIESLisa Kelly

I’ve been watching these things as well for years. Nanobots, DARPA, CRISPR, transhumanism, mind control, brain interface. I agree with you and see clearly where this is going. I’ve been posting on these things for quite sometime. You did a good job presenting these real issues. Their system is ready… we need to pray and stand in the gap. Thank you for your bravery!READ MORE1 week ago371SHOW MORE REPLIESMary Ann Knox

No such thing as vaccine 💉 for the common cold which is what a virus 🦠 is do not get micro chipped the Mark of the Beast that’s what this is all about pure Evil 👿1 week ago651SHOW MORE REPLIESN S

Unfortunately the majority of people will take this covid vaccine people are so ignorant and naive that it’s sacary. Believe in the bible the truth is all there. 🌎🙏🏽1 week ago338SHOW MORE REPLIESCatalina MaGoo

This needs to be shown to the sleeping masses.1 week ago315SHOW MORE REPLIESMrShmanckles

This is extremely disturbing, people we need to get back to God asap and we need to inform everyone it doesn’t matter if they don’t believe as long as we expose them to the info or truth to limit our liability for we are our brothers keeper.READ MORE1 week ago4019

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